Criminal law violations can be prosecuted both at the State and Federal levels, sometimes even at the same time, for the same conduct. While the Fifth Amendment prohibits “double jeopardy,” the clause does not refer to cases that involve crimes that are recognized as offenses by both federal and state law.

Being charged with a Federal crime is different from a State or Local matter. Because, not every attorney can practice in federal court, in the event you are facing a federal crime or indictment, you need to make certain that your attorney is specifically qualified to handle federal cases and is familiar with the federal system.

Federal crimes are offenses that are expressly prohibited under federal law. They may occur on federal property or involve people or property that is transported across state lines, overlapping state jurisdictions. A federal crime is prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office with the help of federal law enforcement such as the FBI. Defendants appear in U.S. Districts Courts in front of Federal Judges.

The Rules of Discovery are very different and Federal Prosecutors are not required to provide a defendant with all the information against as in State Court. Additionally, the sentencing structures for people convicted is harsher with enhancements depending on the number of victims and if money was involved, the loss amount.

The team at Wilbur Smith is admitted to practice in both the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida for all your Federal Criminal Defense needs. The formalities of Federal Court are steeped in tradition. Hiring a Federal Criminal Lawyer is a difficult and important decision.

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