TiTle Insurance

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a non-casualty based policy to insure the title of the property you own or are purchasing.

How much does title insurance cost?

In Florida, title insurance premiums are promulgated rates set by the state. The rates are promulgated based on the sales price of the property you are purchasing.

do I have to buy title insurance?

No. But, if you are financing your purchase of real property your lender will require a lender’s title policy to cover their loan. In this instance even if you are not purchasing an owner’s policy the primary premium is the same as purchasing an owner’s policy and then a simultaneous loan policy for only an additional $25.

Additionally, title companies cannot perform most duties required to close a transaction unless it is pursuant to the issuance of title insurance. Attorneys on the other hand can, but like will not as it is not in anyone’s best interest.

When buying real property, ensuring the seller is the true owner and holds marketable title is paramount to a successful and permanent transfer.

Problems, or “clouds” on a title can restrict the use of the property and ultimately result in financial loss.

Conducting a comprehensive title search and subsequently a title insurance policy covers your investment and insures your ownership is free and clear.

The cost of title insurance is minimal and is only paid once, usually by the seller. There are no renewal premiums, and there is no expiration date on the policy, yet the protection lasts forever,

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