Sawyer Smith

Fort Myers allocates taxpayer money to bankroll police lawsuits


WINK News asked defense attorney Sawyer Smith, who is not part of the lawsuit, to weigh in.

“The city is responsible for not only defending itself but also for providing legal counsel for their employees or former employees,” Smith said.


When electronic signatures show up on documents you didn’t sign


A defense attorney representing the owner of Bruno Total Home Performance said there is absolutely no evidence of forgery at the company. 

Sawyer Smith allowed WINK News to ask a few questions of Louis Bruno while he was present.

Smith said anyone with an issue with the company is welcome to contact him directly, so they can look into the issue.


Fort Myers OKs $440K settlement with Nate Allen over detainment


“We said at the beginning of this case that Mr. Allen came forward so aggressively to bring about change to (the) Fort Myers Police Department and the city as a whole,” Allen’s attorney Sawyer Smith said Monday. “And we feel like today is a step in that direction.”


VW owners wait for modifications to collect settlement


“Some people who have taken that third option are experiencing some problems, just because we do not know when the EPA is going to approve the fix,” said Sawyer Smith, a Fort Myers attorney whose firm represented plaintiffs in the class action suit.


Alleged racial profiling results in potential lawsuit against FMPD


Hamilton’s lawyer, Sawyer Charles Smith of Wilbur Smith Attorneys at Law, plans to argue that officers should not have searched Hamilton’s home nor her daughter’s diaper.

Sawyer said the onus for change should be a joint effort.

“Change needs to come to this community and it needs to come to FMPD,” he said. “This is an explosion waiting to happen and law enforcement is not helping a thing.”


City Council says FDLE will investigate FMPD handling of Nate Allen case


The Wilbur Smith Law Firm spoke to the council on Allen’s behalf.

Wilbur Smith himself, told the council there were many glaring errors in the investigation.

Before the meeting, Allen’s lawyer Sawyer Smith showed us a tow record for Allen’s truck.

It shows the reason for the tow was an arrest even though police say they never arrested him. Smith says that’s further proof, his client’s civil rights were violated.


FMPD chief speaks on Nate Allen investigation, Allen lawyers ask FBI to get involved


Allen’s attorney, says Baker’s internal investigation is not enough, and wants the state or even the FBI to look into the case. Smith wrote a letter to the City Council asking them to intervene.

“When you do it yourself, an internal, you are asking lower level officers to evaluate everybody lower, the same rank and above. That’s hard to do,” said Smith